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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help wiht Bord Bia Audits?

Yes, we specialize in helping farmers pass their Bord Bia Audits.

Where are you based?

Doneraile, Co. Cork

Will you call out?

Yes, we will call out to you and do a farm walk with you before each audit.

What counties do you cover?

You will need the most recent feed docket, most recent knackery docket, water test (if applicable) & health and safety (if you have one).

How long after the call out will I recieve my audit folder?

We guarantee you will receive your folder before your audit.

Will you help me if I have a close call?

Yes.  We will stay with you and help you with any close out issues.

Will you update my medical paperwork if I have a department inspection?

Yes, we will update any medical records you will need for a department inspection in the 18 months following an audit.