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We will call to you.

One of our field agents will call to you to conduct a stress free friendly farm walk.  During this time, they will offer you advice on how to get your farm yard audit ready.  Any paperwork you will need for your audit will be put together at this time.

File Preparation

All your veterinary spray and fertilizers are contacted on your behalf and all your information is compiled so everything you need for your audit is prepared for you.

Folder ready for your audit

Before your audit, you will receive a folder which has everything you need and this can be handed directly to the auditor.

We complete the following records:

  • Animal Remedies Purchases and Usage Records
  • Tube Records
  • Pesticide Applications Records
  • ​Bord Bia Farm Sustainability Survey
  • Health and Safety Book
  • Feed Records
  • Own Farm Feed Records
  • Health Plan
  • Animal Mortality Report
  • Census Report
  • Medical Summary Report
  • Bait Plan