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AgriTxt was established in late 2015 by Paudy O’Brien.  Prior to this Paudy spent 18 years managing his own dairy, beef and tillage enterprises.  Over time he found the burden of farm paperwork to be growing considerably and as a result identified the need to make life easier for farmers so they spend less time on paperwork.  As a result Agritxt was born.

Over the years the business grew to where we are today developing a team of farmers helping farmers.

As a company, we aspire to offer a professional yet friendly service that will remove the stress and worry associated with audits.  We pride ourselves in being able to provide a face-to-face service making sure each encounter has a personal touch.  We aim to instil confidence in our clients by being a point of contact to ask a question or to seek help and advice.


We will call you 

A field agent will call to your farm & collect all the necessary information.  This is a stress free visit & if the paperwork is not to hand, we will help them collect it.

File preparation

All your information is compiled in the office and everything you need for your audit is prepared for you.

Audit Ready!

Before your audit you will receive advice, guidance and a completed folder that has everything needed for your audit.

Our Experience in Farming and the Bord Bía Scheme along with our flexible person-to-person business model has allowed us to help over 1,000+ farmers pass 2,000+ Bord Bía Audits and more on a weekly basis

“We help farmers reduce paperwork and ensure they get useful, up-to-date information when needed.  Saving them time  & money. “
Paudy O’Brien​